GAN356 i 2- 智能魔方

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1. 充电座。

2. USB 充电线。

3. 智能魔方使用说明。

4. 魔方收纳袋。

5. 身份卡。

6. 弹簧。

7. 初级及CFOP还原教程

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 cm

Stickered(Half-Bright), Stickerless(Full-Bright)

4 reviews for GAN356 i 2- 智能魔方

  1. Owen

    GAN make a smart 2×2

  2. Harry

    Honestly, I really liked the GAN 356i because the app was in time to the turning and I used it every day for a week with no charge and it was completely fine.

  3. vlad.kznetsov

    Suddenly stopped working and connected to the phone. What is the reason?

    • The

      Probably a charging problem? Please contact and send the details for help.

  4. Dušan Starič (verified owner)

    it’s a good cube, but i’m having trouble tensioning the cube.

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