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GAN251 M Pro

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41 Reviews

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GAN251 M Air, GAN251 M Pro, GAN251 M Leap, GAN251 M Leap UV



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41 reviews for GAN251 M Pro


41 Reviews


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  1. Maha Family

    GAN251 M Pro

    An amazing cube with excellent corner cutting and smooth turning. I’ve been a cuber for about 2 years now and this is the best 2×2 I’ve ever had, it is equal to the Valk 2 M in every way, however it does have that GAN buttery smooth feel that everyone knows and loves. it does require a bit of setup, I wouldn’t buy if I was a beginner.

  2. Young Kim

    GAN251 M Pro

    Gan cubes are great, they are the top of the line company when it comes to modern speed cubing. The cube arrived in good condition although the box was a little dented, but no worries as thats to be expected with stuff like this. In terms of how the cube performs, all 2x2s are useable if you want to practice at a high level and this cube is of course noexception. The only problem is that the plastic is actually matte instead of the traditional smooth plastic which makes the puzzle feel really slippery,

  3. Billy Myers

    GAN251 M Pro

    This is a great 2×2 cube. I got it to practice my corner PLLs and it’s helped a ton. I highly recommend it and would definitely buy it again.

  4. Becky

    GAN251 M Pro

    My grandson like the magnets in it.

  5. Janet

    GAN251 M Pro

    Bought for my boyfriend and he said it was really good and felt smooth. He also really liked that it came with a carry pouch.

  6. DP

    GAN251 M Pro

    It’s GAN. GAN is the top brand in cubes. My teenage son is very happy with his GAN cubes. His cuber friend jokes about robbing our house for my son’s cubes.

  7. Henry Shukert

    GAN251 M Pro

    Great 2×2. A little slippery though.

  8. Avery wyckoff

    GAN251 M Pro



    GAN251 M Pro

    It’s good corner cuts good I love it it’s the best 2X2 I ever got

  10. R.S.MacR.S.Mac

    GAN251 M Pro

    I’m new to the cube world… a beginner. I purchased my first Gan speed cube – a 3×3 – not long ago. I was so impressed with how smooth and quick it was that I came back for a 2×2.The quality is obviously the same: smooth, swift action; sturdy construction; nice weight, good feel; bright appealing colors.It’s a great cube and a great brand, from this novice’s point of view. Cheers!

  11. Joseph Bartley

    GAN251 M Pro

    I have been very casually doing twisty puzzles for a few years now and this is the first “speed cube” in my collection. I got it based on reviews and recommendations on YouTube. I generally like to have a variety at the cost of quality and this might have changed that outlook. This cube is super fast and even I can solve it within 30 seconds every time and sometimes half that and I’m not using an advanced method. Just using intuition learned from other cubes. All in all, it’s fast and highly adjustable. I really enjoy the finish and the aesthetics of the cube. I currently use the yellow GES. It took a bit of messing around to break it into a place that I like but now I solve it all the time. It’s basically my main desktop fidget toy. I can’t wait to order a similar 3×3. I would recommend it to anyone who likes twisty puzzles but I am NOT a speed cuber and I have no intention to be so if you want that perspective go ask a professional 🙂

  12. JoJoB

    GAN251 M Pro

    My son used his birthday money to buy this and was soooo excited when it arrived. Within 10 days it was broken, just from regular use. Pretty disappointed kiddo!

  13. Nola Shanks

    GAN251 M Pro

    Excellent cube, but mine came with stickers, very strange.

  14. Crystal C

    GAN251 M Pro

    Love it. Worth it. Buy it and you will love it too.

  15. Jamison

    GAN251 M Pro

    Buy it for the first time, but it performs well with its smooth turning and durable quality.

  16. tyson

    GAN251 M Pro

    Was good

  17. Hadley

    GAN251 M Pro

    The best 2×2 cubes I have, great turning speed and stability

  18. KathPf

    GAN251 M Pro

    Very fast and sturdy. I would only recommend this cube for people who are sub 10 seconds. This comes with extra ges knuts too.

  19. Imogene

    GAN251 M Pro

    Heard from my kids that this is the Hermes in speedcubes. They really love this cube so much.

  20. Lynne

    GAN251 M Pro

    DurableSmoothFast turnsAwesome cube

  21. nial_l

    GAN251 M Pro

    This was an instant new main. I got the 251 M Pro, and it was and still is Incredible. I solve on it most days, and it’s still high performance. If you can afford it, get the pro or leap with corner-core magnets. It brought my ao100 down by a whole second(used to be 6.03, now is 4.98). I also have gotten 1s and many 2s on it. Get this cube!

  22. Aaron

    GAN251 M Pro

    It’s a great cube but beware the out side packaging is the same as the gan 251 pro. So if you order both it’ll look like they sent you 2 pros and not at all the leap. This also happens with the valk 2m and lm.

  23. Richi

    GAN251 M Pro

    I wait till Xmas morning for her reaction

  24. Chris S

    GAN251 M Pro

    This was my first “real” cube and WOW so smooth I couldn’t believe it! I am no pro for sure but if you are looking for something better than a standard rubix cube these GAN cubes are really great!

  25. RbBa04RbBa04

    GAN251 M Pro

    This item arrived wrapped in plastic. The lid of the box says Pro, while the base of the box says Leap. (The Leap is what was ordered.) It does not include the screwdriver or any extra parts as stated in the item description. My child used their holiday money to purchase this and was so disappointed that it arrived incomplete. 40+ dollars is a lot for a kid, especially when there are so many other less expensive options for cubes. Returning for a replacement item that hopefully arrives new and with all parts.

  26. Calum

    GAN251 M Pro

    Would have been 5 stars but I only received the cube wrapped in the cellophane. No box, no manual, no tension tool! Can’teven confirm if I received the correct cube 🙁

  27. Tim

    GAN251 M Pro

    In the pictures it showed the magnet adjusting capabilities, but that is only for the pro and the leap versions of the cube.

  28. MomofBoys

    GAN251 M Pro

    Bought this for my son for his birthday. While he was turning it, a piece broke. He was pretty sad about it. Had to repurchase another one (different brand).

  29. Alan G.

    GAN251 M Pro

    The cube performs well for a beginner, but the magnetic force is relatively weak

  30. Maria

    GAN251 M Pro

    very light and fast turning.

  31. Louis

    GAN251 M Pro

    My son loves this cube and can explain all the stats as to why this is the best. Apparently it takes the same solving skills for this as a 3×3 cube

  32. Greg

    GAN251 M Pro

    Do not buy this cube ever!!! I was so excited the second I pulled out the cube to solve it but on its first turn it shattered into pieces. Trying to return it later but I thought GAN was better than this. That is absolute crap.

  33. L. Koon

    GAN251 M Pro

    Great quality! My son that is obsessed with cubing loves it. Anything by GAN is a hot with him.

  34. jlm

    GAN251 M Pro

    My son is an avid cuber – his favorites are GAN, and this one did not disappoint. He loves this 2×2 and it’s a great size to take with him and keep his hands busy. the magnets are great and the quality of GAN is the best, as always.

  35. seenivasan

    GAN251 M Pro

    In the last few months I bought this product two times. First time it broke with a few days of my son (8 yrs) using it. Got the second one delivered today. It broke as soon as my sone start using it. It just popped. He was so looking forward to playing with it. Very disappointed with this defective product. We are going to stay away from GAN.

  36. Marlon

    GAN251 M Pro

    i have had to replace this as when it popped the thing that keeps it in broke all i did was make one turn the one i was gave as a replacement popped after 10 solves i got a 2 by 2 for 5$ and it was better good to keep for looks but other then that its the worst i have ever used

  37. Michael T.

    GAN251 M Pro

    Bought it for grandson, he loves it

  38. Mr. A. J. Shinton

    GAN251 M Pro

    I like the cube! It’s great! But it didn’t come with the accessories as detailed in the product description. I.e the blue bag, tool, spare magnets. All that was in the box was the help sheet and the cube itself

  39. Johnny

    GAN251 M Pro

    The cube good, my son love it,but it still has no bag and a bit disappointed.

  40. Thundersub Blue Noah

    GAN251 M Pro

    This was an excellent product that they greatly enjoyed using, however, do let your kids know that they must not try to dismantle it (like my kids did – they’re simply interested in knowing how things work – at a price though!) and now I can’t put it back together. Otherwise, it’s a 5 star product.

  41. Arslan

    GAN251 M Pro

    Best 2×2 ever




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