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GAN Mirror M

Totally 10 Reviews

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10 Reviews

Weight 0.5 kg

GAN Mirror M Shining Violet UV coated, GAN Mirror M Shining Violet stickers, GAN Mirror M Bright Fuchsia UV coated, GAN Mirror M Combo (Red & Purple UV)


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10 reviews for GAN Mirror M


10 Reviews


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  1. Christian Mueller

    GAN Mirror M

    The Mirror Blocks is my favorite twisty puzzle, ever. Having seen Seppomania modify his mirrors into magnetic speedcubes made me really wish for a well done, mass produced, magnetic mirror cube by GAN – I even wrote them Emails asking if this is possible and when it could happen: it just happened and yesterday I was gifted the package containing my GAN Mirror M by my local post office. (I paid full price for the cube plus shipping!)
    The cube feels extremely light yet sturdy – the turning is superb even right out of the box. Corner cutting is insane, I would‘ve never thought that a mirror cube could be made to actually reverse cornercut half a piece with ease. (The only „Problem“ with this is that you sometimes get cornertwists when cubing fast and unprecise, the bigger pieces want to twist easier than the smaller ones. I get one twist every 50-60 solves, not an issue for me, I could also just cube more precise-have had zero pops until now) The touch of the plastic and the stickers is luxurious and smooth while giving just the right amount of texture for you to grip. The color is mindbendingly amazing, it sparkles! 🙂 Seriously GAN, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gift, it is a pleasure and addicting to play with the Mirror M.

  2. Matthew Montes

    GAN Mirror M

    Great cube

  3. Bonnie

    GAN Mirror M

    Magnets are awesome and super smooth turning

  4. Heather B.

    GAN Mirror M

    great turning its very smooth and corner twists!

  5. flashgordon2313

    GAN Mirror M

    So fun and it turns way better then other mirror cubes. Love the magnets also.

  6. Vic

    GAN Mirror M

    Best mirror blocks out there hands down. The stickers are also extremely great quality. The only reason why I took away a star is because one line of the stickers was crooked. I had to take them off and reapply them. I bought another gan mirror as a gift, and there was no problems with it, so I am sure mine was a fluke.

  7. johnny013j

    GAN Mirror M

    My son has not put it down.

  8. Vicki Lindseth

    GAN Mirror M

    My grandson loves it

  9. Richard Hackshaw

    GAN Mirror M

    I have not received my package yet

  10. Arindam

    GAN Mirror M

    Very classy and fab best mirror cube in world ❤️🔥



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