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GAN13 Maglev

Totally 18 Reviews

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18 Reviews

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GAN13 Maglev UV Coated, GAN13 Maglev Frosted, GAN13 Maglev fx


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18 reviews for GAN13 Maglev


18 Reviews


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    GAN13 Maglev

    expensive ($83.99). however, the cube feels less catchy as compared to the GAN12 and GAN11. The edge to core magnets makes the cube feel even faster, but with the corner to core magnets make the cube feels decently stable. Overall, great cube, and I will definitely be maining this cube 🙂

  2. Min Kyu Kim

    GAN13 Maglev

    It is really expeisive, but really worth buying. The cube is very smooth and I love materialized magnet adjusments. I haven’t used Gan12 and Gan11 yet, but this is nice. more magnets(core magnets) make the cube more stable and smooth. This will be my new main cube❤️

  3. customers of Tmall-GAN official store-霸术

    GAN13 Maglev

    The overall feel of 13 is more stable. compared to 12, the tension, travel distance and magnetic strength have changed a lot. still on adjusting, 13 will be my main cube. YYDS.

  4. gunayus

    GAN13 Maglev

    this is the best cube i EVER had. its sooo perfect!

  5. customers of Tmall-GAN official store-anonymous

    GAN13 Maglev

    The second 13 I bought, mainly want the box v10 (can be superimposed). and this box is surprised me, the magnetic suction design is very good, reducing the risk of accidentally opening the box. the adjustment system has been updated too, magnetic strength can be directly adjusted without dismantling the magnetic bar.

  6. Melissa Swor

    GAN13 Maglev

    My 10 year old son was so happy that even though it came a little later than expected he had tears of joy. He has signed up for his first competition and after two months of learning has his time down to 42 seconds! Very expensive but he said it is so worth it!

  7. gabosebas

    GAN13 Maglev

    the gan 13 is a perfect cube, it has no faults, very fast and controllable, also with a very good ease of adjustment, although the price is a problem, it is a totally recommended cube for anyone who can afford it

  8. customers of Tmall-GAN official store-橄榄黄的二乔

    GAN13 Maglev

    Very smooth, and need more patience to find the suitable setting.

  9. Dennis Preciado

    GAN13 Maglev

    Excellent, very well protected, I arrive super fast

  10. customers of Tmall-GAN official store-anonymous

    GAN13 Maglev

    the magnetic levitation feels obvious and has a frictionless maglev feel.

  11. customers of Tmall-GAN official store -ttourist

    GAN13 Maglev

    The adjustment tool is directly storaged in the white box, no need to rummage.

  12. Joseesttoar16

    GAN13 Maglev

    It’s perfect, it helped me reduce my times.

  13. eloizou

    GAN13 Maglev

    Excellent products! great delivery service!

  14. Rrahul Yaadav

    GAN13 Maglev

    its good

  15. cipriano castellaro

    GAN13 Maglev

    Dear sir,
    I still haven’t received the material I ordered a month ago.
    It’s been a month.
    Would you check if there are any problems?
    If the goods do not arrive within the next week, I ask you to send me back the goods I purchased.

    Cipriano Castellaro

  16. norizee

    GAN13 Maglev

    The cube took a little longer than i would like, but on time. When I got it, I was I was pleasantly shocked by at least how the box looked and opened. And when I took it in my hands i was so so excited for how it turns. i think this is the best cube i ever held in my hands. but, i think that cube is not for all, for many people it doesn’t worth 70$. for many people the models like: 356xs, 356 m, 12 m maglev will be much better because of their controllability and price. but for me it is the best cube on earth, i love all in this cube. Thanks, GAN.

  17. DavidDaza

    GAN13 Maglev

    Muy bueno aunque se demoro un poco pero valio la pena, que calidad.

  18. Emad Ibrahim

    GAN13 Maglev

    not bad at all



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