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GAN460 M

Totally 23 Reviews


Configuration List:

1. Cube: GAN460 Stickered(Half-Bright)/GAN460 Stickerless

2. Plastic tuning tool

3. GAN’s Tutorial

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23 Reviews

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions N/A

Stickered(Half-Bright), Stickerless


23 reviews for GAN460 M


23 Reviews


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  1. Walker

    GAN460 M

    It was a gift, my kids love it

  2. Anton

    GAN460 M

    Best 4×4 on the market. Magnets are perfect very fast and smooth. Really recommend.

  3. Jack

    GAN460 M

    Overall it is really good it has a good grip, it is not hard to turn, and can corner cut easily, but the logo wears off easily.

  4. Anonymous

    GAN460 M

    Overall pretty good cube but out of the box it’s way to tight and tensioning is pain

  5. Jason

    GAN460 M

    Over all the cube is swell. Really disappointed that the finish is gloss and not matte as the images suggested. The logo is also on a different square as apposed to the images. Big let down as my other cubes from GAN are all matte. Feel like this is not as advertised. The cube was also greasey and had a thick short hair suck in one of the orange faces. I assume from assembly.

  6. Kunde

    GAN460 M

    We like it very much. It’s magnetic; pieces line up automatically. The inner pieces have stronger magnet so that you can turn the other rows easily.

  7. Valentine James

    GAN460 M

    Great cube and durable, All my 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 cubes were bought here, very satisfied.

  8. jayson Magdamit

    GAN460 M

    Really nice product and my son enjoys it a lot. Very strong in terms of durability.

  9. Dylan L.Dylan L.

    GAN460 M

    I have not touched the cube since I opened the box… this is how a brand new puzzle was sent to me.

  10. Hana

    GAN460 M

    Fell apart a couple times, but the magnets made it super easy to put it back together. Tweaked and tightened each side and I beat my fastest recorded time. After setting a new record i smoked that time by 10 whole seconds. I LOVE IT!

  11. Anthony

    GAN460 M

    It is moves very well. It is fragile though.

  12. Mary O'Brien

    GAN460 M

    broke apart pretty quickly…

  13. Pierre Levasseur

    GAN460 M

    This is a great cube. The magnets hold the cube position well. The cube is not as smooth as a 3×3 but that is to be understood since there are so many more parts to this puzzle.

  14. P05TMAN

    GAN460 M

    Don’t let the reviews fool you: this cube is the best on the market. I’ve tried the competition and none stand up to the smoothness, speed and, probably most important of all, durability. Every single “top-end” 4×4 will literally fall apart in your hands out of the box. Spend the cash to get this one: You’ll get the premium quality and results you deserve.

  15. TomTom

    GAN460 M

    This cube is great out of the box, and just needs to be worked in a bit to distribute the lubricants. Spin the different layers back and forth, and you are good to go. With that being said, I do wish it had the same matte finish as the 2×2 and 3×3, but thats not a deal breaker.My only real complaint is that GAN doesn’t make a 5×5, 6×6 or 7×7.

  16. KT

    GAN460 M

    The outer layers are great, but the inner layers snag/catch and twist in unusual ways. This is an “original design” which means the engineering of the cube is different than their other cubes in more ways than the fact its 4by4. I suspect Gans announced 5by5 never came out because this cube was not successful. Get a different 4by4, or wait for a version 2.

  17. Jerry Soronness

    GAN460 M

    This cube has strong magnets in the center layers, which I really like.

  18. JK Corporation

    GAN460 M

    Good product. 5th grade son told me not easy, but enjoyable.

  19. brooke

    GAN460 M

    It is very fast and it is really good

  20. Anthony Hernandez

    GAN460 M

    Cube seems like it was refurbished it came with some scratches and some dings. Not happy with it being used and resold, We bought this product for over $50 and it does not seem like it’s worth it at all. I would expect it to be brand new and not just appear to be new.

  21. Elizabeth

    GAN460 M

    My son saved his birthday money to buy this cube. He loves it and says it moves great. I wish they were slightly cheaper but it’s comparable to other cubes of its kind.

  22. Mohamed A. Badran

    GAN460 M

    I got this for my son but I ended up playing with it myself.The cube us great, it moves smoothly and indeed is a speedy cube.

  23. Kimmy

    GAN460 M

    After a few uses it fell apart




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