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GAN356 i carry

Totally 34 Reviews

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34 Reviews

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 7.8 × 7.7 cm

GAN 356 i carry, GAN 356 i carry S


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GAN356 i 3


34 reviews for GAN356 i carry


34 Reviews


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  1. Tavis

    GAN356 i carry

    I originally had a Gans 356m as my main which cost about the same as this cube. Although adjusting tension is not as easy the cube functions beautifully and is on par with my main. I’ve done at least 400 solves with the app and only ran into a few issues with the app. The app does tell you how long your solves are and how many moves, but doesn’t tell you how many solves you have done. In the future I hope to see the app come with a breakdown of how long each step takes you, such as the cross and f2l etc. I would recommend this to anybody of any skill set.

  2. Riley Russell

    GAN356 i carry

    It’s ok definitely not the best cube I had ever used but it’s decent and it connects to your phone but gets mixed up a lot and you have to reset it quite a bit

  3. Andrew Wheeler

    GAN356 i carry

    This was purchased to go along with the electronic solver. It seems to work great and are happy with it.

  4. Ashley

    GAN356 i carry

    I love it!! My child really enjoyed it.

  5. KMoreno

    GAN356 i carry

    Great learning cube, east to move, highly recommend!

  6. Mrs. P

    GAN356 i carry

    Fell apart in our hands the very first time it was used. If I could give it zero stars, I would. Will be demanding a refund. Buyer beware.

  7. roee

    GAN356 i carry

    It a reli good cube the APP is working very good )and the shippment is very fast (one week

  8. Aubrey

    GAN356 i carry

    My son loves it. Ordered the robot to go with it. Waiting on it to arrive.

  9. M Brown

    GAN356 i carry

    I would have given this a 1 star review if I didn’t receive such excellent customer service. Sometimes you just get a lemon. My son played with this for 1 day and the cube literally just kept completely falling apart. I was able to easily exchange for a new one and return the old one. My son loves this and walks around with it everywhere! We’ve had no more problems. He says he really likes the ease of how fast it turns compared to his old school rubik’s cube.

  10. PAS

    GAN356 i carry

    The 7 year old recipient gave it 4.5 stars. What more can I say?

  11. malika

    GAN356 i carry

    My son and I love this cube. Turns really well and aligns quickly with the magnets. Be sure you get the correct CubeStation app. Don’t use the QR code supplied. Search the app store. Note that this cube keeps track of face turns, but does not keep track of the orientation. This cube has helped us improve our solve times.

  12. Mark Badstubner

    GAN356 i carry

    ORIGINAL REVIEWBought this just over a week ago. Cube turns great, but the Cubestation app has been beyond frustrating – despite 100+ attempts at connecting, contacting GAN supporting, and providing GAN with additional data, the app will simply not connect with GAN servers. Holding onto the cube in the hopes that the software problems will be resolved, but as of now, paying $40 for smartcube that does not work is rather silly.UPDATE – 4/22With the newest cubestation update, everything is working. More importantly, I have to commend GAN customer service, especially Joann for getting this working. The cube itself is great, and while cubestation is a little bit clunky and not always intuitive, I believe, based on how attentive GAN was to my problems, that this software will continue to improve (don’t get me wrong, the software now works great, but can be a little confusing)

  13. Darren Seitz

    GAN356 i carry

    Great cube, app could be a bit better.

  14. Joanna

    GAN356 i carry

    Good quality product.

  15. Garfield

    GAN356 i carry

    Compete with other cubers online, anytime, anywhere

  16. Jos Jos

    GAN356 i carry

    the cube came bad, the battery removal plastic was missing, and the battery holder was unsoldered

  17. Charging

    GAN356 i carry

    Very cost-effective, and long battery life, recommended to whom do not like frequent charging

  18. theprophete

    GAN356 i carry

    Cube is perfect. Application is not as good as it should be

  19. Lilian from EssexLilian from Essex

    GAN356 i carry

    My ten year old grandson was so disappointed when it broke so quickly


    GAN356 i carry

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Everything was perfect, thank you!

  21. hw

    GAN356 i carry

    It needs a Chines phone number to connect it to a cell phone.

  22. jfn2015

    GAN356 i carry

    Overall, I would recommend this cube a lot. It has great magnet strength and being a gan feels pretty good. The app is quite polished especially in comparison to how I’ve heard it was. The algorithm trainer is really useful for any level of cuber as it has beginner algorithms, CFOP, ROUX, and advanced CFOP. The corner-cutting could be better but the magnets partly make up for that and it is a $40 smart cube I wouldn’t expect it to be perfect. I Highly recommend this cube, however, you should know that you can get it for $4 cheaper at Speed Cube Shop. for the box and accessories it does come with some tension adjustment although I found the set ones to be perfect and a really useful carrying bag.

  23. Mr.T

    GAN356 i carry

    I own a couple of smart cubes but still don’t know which I prefer.The replaceable battery idea is great, but changing it might be a hassle.The app isn’t as bad as the reputation that precedes it. I’ve experienced few connection issues, but Go Cube is more intuitive.The surprise is the cube’s movement. It clicks and freezes up (corner cutting is boo-boo). I expect better from GAN…but the price is relatively low for GAN.

  24. Janelle A.Janelle A.

    GAN356 i carry

    My son loves this cube. It’s super smooth, and well put together- it won’t fall apart on you! Definitely better than the No name brand cubes, worth the money!

  25. Carlos Iendaye

    GAN356 i carry

    Battery is not recharge like the newer model, half the price and replaceable and years worth of juice so u know, I didn’t but honestly better than recharge. Great for start I have solved the cube 2x for first time rebuilt understand and learning the language , in a day while working on another project. W app it is a game changer start here I should have.magnrts and tuning not pro but great get a faster one when u r faster. Top notch I love this co.

  26. Julian&Crispy

    GAN356 i carry

    It works just like it’s supposed to. No problems at all

  27. Cynthia Johnson

    GAN356 i carry

    My grandson was thrilled with this. He is 10 and quite adept with puzzles etc. A fun addition to his scrambler.

  28. Nicholas kallies

    GAN356 i carry

    I like w fact that you can Bluetooth it to you phone.

  29. Ben

    GAN356 i carry

    Easy to maneuver. Comes very well packaged. Son is very happy with it!

  30. Mrs G

    GAN356 i carry

    The app is partially in Chinese, so it loses a point for that as there’s no English option. The parts of the app that are in English are OK, definitely needs some work done. We had issues synching the cube up. We previously had a faulty rubix cube that connected to phone and the app from that was far superior. It was difficult to solve the cube by using the app. It was a challenge to photograph, we had to enter it manually a lot and some of the time it just said there was an error and reset it! So be aware it’s not as simple and easy as it automatically knowing the colour positions and telling you how to solve it but we did eventually manage to get the app to show how to solve it and we also used it to solve other cubes. Please update the app in English as that would be a huge help. Stars lost 1 due to the app issues and 1 for the cube not connecting and automatically knowing the positions of the colours like the rubix one did. This was the biggest disappointment factor in this cube. The cube itself is nice to use, turns easy and spins well. My son says it’s very nice to use.

  31. Realistic Consumer

    GAN356 i carry

    Cube and app works fine, but not include a charger. Searching for a charger, cannot find in GAN shop or anywhere else.

  32. Ron Henry

    GAN356 i carry

    This cube turns great, feels great, and the speed is great. It feels good in your hand and has made my pb better. The only thing is the app is buggy sometimes but it’s not enough to complain about. I highly recommend it.

  33. Kurtito

    GAN356 i carry

    It is a very good cube but it does not work with apple so I had to get the application on my Lenovo Chromebook.

  34. akilraaja

    GAN356 i carry

    Price is okay..



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