GAN354 M(Stickerless)

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Configuration List:

1. Cube: GAN354 M.

2. GAN’s CFOP Tutorial.

3. GAN-BOX V3.

4. GES spring components v3.

5. Plastic tuning tool.

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Unique Design

[IPGv5] IPGv5, devived from the original GAN core, combined high strengthened light blue plastic and steel screws. Brings higher stability with higher perpendicularity and higher accuracy to cubes. Visible, quantifiable tuning system, and no more additional tools needed. You can tune by hand.

[GESv3] The new nuts GES v3 GAN original Elastic System(GES) nuts. The GAN356 AIR SM is now equipped with upgraded GES v3. Bigger size spring nuts, lighter IPG v5 cores, bringing more consistent elasticity to speedcube. 4 best elasticity GES nuts.

[Magnet] Magnet Positioning Tech. When a speedcuber is solving a cube, the cube turns at a high speed. Fast turning speeds lower the chance that pieces are correctly aligned during a solve. To position pieces more accurately, magnets are inlayed into each piece of the speedcube, the magnetic force drives the pieces to their correct positions and results in smoother turing.

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