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GAN Skewb M

Totally 13 Reviews


GAN Skewb M

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13 Reviews

Peso 0.5 kg
Dimensiones N/D

Core Positioning, Enhanced Core Positioning, Enhanced Core Positioning UV Edition


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13 valoraciones en GAN Skewb M


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  1. Emma

    GAN Skewb M

    Really good quality and soft feeling. Kids love it.

  2. Mark E. Davis

    GAN Skewb M

    I was worried about this Skewb not having any indent or curve but the extra magnets really help it hold it’s shape so it’s really not needed. Smooth turning, quiet, and the magnets click into place… It’s great.

  3. Mom

    GAN Skewb M

    My son loves his skewb. It moves easily and is quite durable. A great find for the speed cube expert or someone just looking to have fun!

  4. Luz

    GAN Skewb M

    Smooth turning and novel gameplay.

  5. RebekahRebekah

    GAN Skewb M

    Awesome skewb! Another awesome product from Gan. A little bit of a steep price tag nut us awesome once you get over the price.Is better for people who are very good at skewb.

  6. Travis F

    GAN Skewb M

    Feels strong not like cheap versions. Excellent buy.

  7. Jessica Doonan

    GAN Skewb M

    After less than a week of my son playing with it, it has completely fallen apart.

  8. Austin Jones

    GAN Skewb M

    Works perfect. I tightened it and turns great. Arrived on time. Thanks!

  9. Hyde

    GAN Skewb M

    Very smooth cube super nice.

  10. Tracy Lane

    GAN Skewb M

    I liked fidgeting with it and attempting to solve it. The cost was a bit to expensive for my liking, I think that 20 bucks is not what its worth, more like 10 bucks. It is very fun and I will recommend it to some friends. However, it can break pretty easily, so don’t give it to young ones.

  11. tracy

    GAN Skewb M

    Bought it for my son. He solved it so many times.

  12. Sarah

    GAN Skewb M

    Very light, turning is easy, magnets are strong. Highly recommend.

  13. customers of Tmall-GAN official store-爱买***

    GAN Skewb M

    Kids have been using it for a while, it feels smooth, the quality is good, they likes it very much.




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