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1、魔方: GAN354M Infinity
3、GAN-BOX v3透明展示盒
4、GAN 魔方收纳袋

Dimensions 4.9 × 4.9 × 4.9 cm

11 reviews for GANINFINITY 354M

  1. lowpezramos (verified owner)

    Just got it today, the most anticipated cube i ever own beside 356 X and my Air 356 SM, i mean any cube from GAN will be awesome, very well done, really blows my mind away, very smooth, controllable, color are very bright, i love stickerless cube but this one change everything, i resently purchased a Cosmic Valk 3 Power M and i had to return it and use that money to buy a GAN Cube, honestly i dont see my self buying other brand cube other than GAN CUBE they are just amazing.

  2. piter03052005 (verified owner)

    GAN 354 M INFINITY – TOP 1 Cube!!!

  3. Đinh Lê Minh

    perfect cube!

  4. Lucas (verified owner)

    The Gan infinity♾️ is absolutely amazing. I currently have it on green GES nuts not changed at all from how I got it. The cube doesn’t feel at all similar to the gan 356x and is more of a click when you turn it. It turns amazing and nothing can stop GAN.

  5. Claudiu Zagan

    Really good!

  6. Edgar jose rojas guevara (verified owner)

    Es el mehor cubo 3×3 del mundo, vino con buenos colores pegatinas muy claras, bien lubricado, y el mat es muy colorido , es el cubo perfecto, 5 estrellas

  7. ronain cuber

    im poor love gan

  8. Christopher (verified owner)

    This cube is astonishing. OOTB it was already very good and an instant main, afterwards I lubed it with some Cubicle Mystic and it was perfect, I’m usually not a fan of tight cubes but it really works with Blue nuts, somehow it beat my X.

  9. Michael Li

    I have just got it yesterday and this cube is amazing and the colour shades and very nice. I love this cube so much that it will immediately beat my Gan X

  10. Yasa

    This cube is the best the gan infinity is the second 3×3 I have had it turns really nice even though it’s 84 Aud it’s worth it

  11. Dalila Fuentes


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