GAN356 X S

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1. 魔方:GAN 356 XS
2. GAN魔方收纳袋 .
3. GAN Box v3透明展示盒.
4. 使用说明书.
5. 备用贴纸(贴纸版).
6. GAN356 XS专属身份卡.
7. 教程.

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At 10th Nov. 2019, Feliks Zemdegs breaks the 3x3x3 world record again in an average, with the GAN 356 XS, in average time of 5.53s.


Stickerless(Full Bright), Stickered (Half Bright)

6 reviews for GAN356 X S

  1. carson

    very easy to customize super light and smooth

  2. ryanvuonganh

    This is so good

  3. EpicCuber

    The cube is amazing it comes pretty much ready out of the box and it is the best cube I have ever tried out, definitely would recommend.

  4. jz66.up (verified owner)

    Amazing cube! Super light and easy to turn! Definitely would recommend!

  5. jiahua2007 (verified owner)

    Does the cube come in one of those Apple looking boxes?

    • Nichole Hong


  6. skuruoglu (verified owner)


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