GAN356 X

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Configuration List:

1. Cube: GAN356 X.

2. GAN356 X VIP Card.

3. GAN-BOX V3.

4. GMS.

5. GES v3 or GES+GTN.

6. GES/GMS manual.

7. GAN’s LBL & CFOP Tutorial.

8. 6 levels GTN(for 356 v2.0)

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Unique Design

[IPGv5] Devived from the original GAN core, combined high strengthened light blue plastic and steel screws. Brings higher stability with higher perpendicularity and higher accuracy to cubes. Visible, quantifiable tuning system, and no more additional tools needed. You can tune by hand.

[GESv3] Bigger size spring nuts, lighter IPG v5 cores, bringing more consistent elasticity to speedcube. 4 best elasticity GES nuts.

[Numerical IPG] Equipped with 4 sets of GTN,has 3 Distances,enjoy 12 Numerical Controllable handfeels.

[GES+] Comprised with Numerical IPG and GAN Tension Nuts. You can tune the Elasticity/Distance by your hand.

[Magnet Capsule] Magnet Positioning Tech. When a speedcuber is solving a cube, the cube turns at a high speed. Fast turning speeds lower the chance that pieces are correctly aligned during a solve. To position pieces more accurately, magnets are inlayed into each piece of the speedcube, the magnetic force drives the pieces to their correct positions and results in smoother turing. The revolutionary GAN Magnet System/GMS, consists of the patented magnet grooves and magnet capsules. You can replace the magnet capsules to change magnet forces of the cube.


IPG v5, Numerical, 356X V 2.0


Stickered, Stickerless

36 reviews for GAN356 X

  1. Adore (verified owner)

    Not shipped yet but i trust gan and i hope im the first one who bought yesterday

  2. Isaac Cheng

    This cube is fabulous! I bought it from a Team Cubicle member earlier, but it is the smoothest cube I’ve ever used. It’s slightly slower, but some lube can fix it, and make the cube perfect.

  3. 나재민

    I think it is the best cube ever

  4. 816baby (verified owner)

    This is the best cube I ever used!!!

  5. doicr8

    best cube i love that you can replace the magnits new main

  6. rahul.athreya (verified owner)

    This cube is very amazing. I set my pb average of 5: 13.30. 👍

  7. Pixydis

    I just received this cube yesterday and… This is really incredible.
    The easier way to describe it is that this cube is the smoothest cube I’ve ever seen… No just the smoothest thing I’ve ever use! I’m not a professional into cubing, I have the SM that I used before this one and like many people the SM was an excellent cube and a product of quality. But this, to me is just perfect. The SM is nothing for me compared to the gan X
    The X is like 10 time smoother, even better effortless for any corner cutting that make the cube really faster and more important, one of the best feeling cube. While using it it’s like the best thing ever, I can use it for a long time without want to stop, because the feeling is really satisfying. It can be surprising but compared to the SM I really prefer the X, it’s exactly what I wanted : a cube with a satisfying feeling.
    Also this cube is a bit more deformable than the SM but it’s not uncontrollable, it’s smooth, fast, any lock up ect… It’s like the perfect cube.
    Anyways I absolutely don’t regret this, I think it really worth it.
    It’s my impression, I’m not a pro Cuber but this is really what I think about this cube, I didn’t change anything for the moment in it, it’s like when it was out of the box because I like it like that.
    Thanks GAN!

  8. Kirill


  9. estephe

    10x better than the sm

  10. Anonymous

    The gan 356 X is a smooth and controllable cube. With the changeable magnets and GES nuts it is worth the price, but after I did some solves, sometimes there will be 1 or 2 corner twist.

  11. Alston Wang (@alston.wang_ on IG)

    I received this puzzle on November 7, and have had some time to set it up and break it in. I also used this cube at NJ Championships 2018, and set a comp pb and average w/ it.
    I set it up with 0.6 Yellow GTN and the Strong clear set of magnets. for the GTN, I used a mix of SpeedCubeShop Vortex+Lubicle Silk. for the pieces, I used some Cosmic Jack-o’-Lantern, DNM-37, and Angstrom Compound X.
    this mix created such a soft, buttery, smooth, plush, and fluid feeling cube. it’s so so smooth and buttery and just glides effortlessly, and just feels so fun to turn. the puzzle doesn’t pop, or corner-twist, and can stable and can accommodate full corner-cutting. overall, it’s a really nice feeling puzzle, with lots of customization options. it’s definitely an improvement over the SM.

  12. Dawid (verified owner)

    Im heavy in shock! Really perfect cube, its my new „main”. The one thing that i didnt like was price, it could be a bit cheaper 🙂

  13. Vinson Huang

    This is sooooo good. I bought the one with numerical IPG and it is such a good system. The GMS is no exception.

  14. Martin

    Está muy bien pero no encuentro a los países a donde envían.

  15. lol


  16. Romana Lampart

    The gan 356 x is absolutely amazing!

  17. Matthias Somavilla

    Very happy with my new GAN products!!
    Would really enjoy a 4×4 X version with exchangable magnets!

  18. Thijs Dalhuijsen

    Very happy with my 365X; instantly became my mains

  19. nazmar24 (verified owner)

    This cube is ACTUALLY the best! Love the honeycomb v2 design, the numerical ipg helps me a lot, and shipping was only 8 days! (Faster than normal) amazing right out of the box! No problems everything’s good, THANKS GAN!

  20. Nam

    I ordered it in stickerless but it came in as a stickered cube. Besides all that best cube on the market, I have yet to try the GTS3(M) but as of right now my main!

  21. milan (verified owner)

    Amazing cube!!! Smooth, silent, very accurate, great saturated colors with high contrast, really the best cube ever (stickerless, numerical IPG)!!!

  22. lowpezramos

    Best cube ever no doubt about it!!!!

  23. Bon Vlogs – and more!

    Stickerless feeling is out of this world1 i Highly recommend it!

  24. Gabriel Shen

    the best cube that i have owned in my life. it has all the needs and wants you would desire with a cube. it has smoothness, quietness and can corner cut from pretty much anywhere. the interchangeable magnets aren’t as useful, as you won’t really change magnets that often. you probably will only go from your choice of magnets (usually white-strong) and switch to clear which is non-magnetic. the numberical ipg is worth it as you can change the nuts anywhere and not need to have a tool. its much easier as well. overall, its a beautiful cube. feels great and the turning is soft. definetly worth the price.

  25. Electricfuse1 (verified owner)

    a great cube. it turns beautifully and can corner cut from practically anywhere. definitely flagship worthy. the turning is unbelievably soft and plush and is extremely quiet. the interchangeable magnets aren’t as useful as you will probably only switch between your choice of magnets (mine are strong as most people) and the clear non magnetized. the numerical ipg is also great. you don’t need a gan tool and its much faster and easier to change tensions. overall, its a great cube and definetly worth the price.

  26. lowpezramos

    This cube it’s really amazing I’m in so excited about it, I just got me a ipg numerical stickered version even though I owned a stickerless version I wanted to try the stickered, I even changed the stickers to a full bright and the result are even more amazing, it’s unbelievable, it feels incredible, it’s so smooth, very controllable it’s feels soo good in my hand that I don’t want it let go, I have to hold it in my hands even if I’m not playing. It’s So good like that!!! This proof one more time that Gan cubes are the best cubes in the market.
    so far I owned 7 cube made by Gancube they are jus amazing cube.
    356X stickerless
    356X stickered
    356 air SM
    Ganinfinity 354M (stickered)
    Ganinfinity 354M (stickerless)
    Gan 460M
    Gan 249M v2

  27. Hugo Castro

    An excellent cube, good turning, nice corner cutting and you are able to customize pretty much anything from the tension to the strength of the magnets.
    My new main.

  28. vintagepiecesnevergooutofstyle (verified owner)

    This is by far the smoothest cube on the planet. Every turn is like butter. I enjoy all the modifications that come with the gan cube. My new main.

  29. Shlok Sigtia

    I like Gans Cube very much. I am a big fan of Gans 356 X but money is the issue.

  30. philipangusliang


  31. Tahmidul Islam

    this cube is the better than anyone could have ever imagined.this has insane corner cutting!!!I bought this from cubenation,an e commerce cube shop.and I liked tge cube and solving it so much that I cant even stay away from solving it for a minute!In every configuration it seems perfect to me.even a beginner cuver can use it almost perfectly with the many configuration it gives.I have about 30*40k solves in it and it still is the same as it was out of the box!!
    really wanna acknowledge gan for producing this legendary cube.
    also I would really hope gan to set up at least one ahop here in bangladesh.because there’s way more cuber here than the world thinks.and are having to set out of cubibg for not acquiring the latest and wanted cubes.and would like you and you would gain profit from here
    Thanks again gan!!!

  32. Jorge

    The best cube you can get to date. it has everything a cuber ever wanted but better.

  33. JJ

    greatest cube ever

  34. Tony Barlow

    I got the stickerless version and the logo rubbed off after using it for one day. Other than that 5/5

  35. randomperson

    Cube is great, corner cutting past 45 and best speedcube I have ever used however it did pop because I didn’t tighten enough

  36. c4joshpid (verified owner)

    I’m waiting for the cube and I am very exited for when it arrives I will update

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