GAN Magnet Cube 2+3+4+5

$203.96 $173.99

Configuration List:

1. Cube: GAN251M, GAN 356X, GAN 460 M,GAN Megaminx.

2. The configuration of GAN251M

3. The configuration of GAN 356 X

4. The configuration of GAN 460 M

5. The configuration of GAN Megaminx

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251 M

251m (stickered), 251m(stickerless)


356X (IPG)(stickerless), 356X (IPG)(stickered), 356X (Numerical IPG)(stickerless), 356X (Numerical IPG)(stickered)

460 M & Megaminx

460m (stickered)+ Mega M, 460m(stickerless) + Mega M


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