GAN356Air S


Configuration List:

1. Cube: GAN356AirS.

2. GAN-BOX V3.

3. G series GES spring components v2(White, White jade edition)

4. ORACAL GERMAN Full-Bright Stickers (Default on the cube).

5. GAN’s CFOP Tutorial.

6. Plastic tuning tool.

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Unique Design

[IPGv4] Manufactured by injection molding, using both the ABS and the core axis screws. The core axis screws are accurate with a diameter of 1.90mm+-0.02mm. To adapt to the precisely-designed GES v2, the screws must be more stable, and more vertical to the neighbour axis screw.

[GESv2] Comprised of 3 components: GAN nut, spring, and spring track. The GES v2 is more tunable and adaptable, meaning that you can extend the corner-cutting ability of the cube. The GES v2 are printed with silver GAN logos.


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Black, White, White Jade